SCV Bridge

The bridge helps you convert your SCV(ERC-20) token on Ethereum Chain to SCV(BEP-20) token on Binance Smart Chain.

Deposit SCV to Your Wallet

If your SCV token is stored in CEX like hotbit, or legacy wallet like Mixin, you need to deposit them into a wallet that support both Ethereum and BSC DEX.

Recommend Wallet:

  • Desktop

    • MetaMask (Chrome Extension)

  • Mobile App

    • MetaMask

    • MathWallet

    • Trust

Make sure to deposit into the ERC-20 address of your wallet, if you are transfering SCV (ERC-20).

If it's the first time you deposit SCV(ERC-20) into wallet, you may need to add the token contract manually for your wallet.

SCV(ERC-20) contract address: 0x282417b21236ac01a3a3d7ba304ed8d284f48b4d

If your wallet doesn't support Binance Smart Chain by default, you will need to add BSC RPC manually.

MetaMask users can follow the official guide from Binance:

Convert SCV from Ethereum to BSC

Any transactions on DEX require gas(which is ETH on Ethereum, BNB on Binance Smart Chain). Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet before you proceed.

Once you have got your SCV(ERC-20) ready, you can visit the SCV Bridge to start conversion.

The Bridge has a Daily Limit up to 25,000,000 SCV token per day (resets on GMT 00:00). If you owns SCV more than the limit, you need to seperate into multiple operation to finish the conversion.

Conversion Steps

Step 1

Switch your wallet to Ethereum network, and click Connect Wallet button.

Step 2

Type the number of how much SCV you would like to convert and click Convert button.

Step 3

Wait for about 10 minutes for the conversion process to complete. Once it's finished, a dialog will prompt to show you the transaction details.

Step 4

Switch your wallet to BSC network to check your SCV(BEP-20) token balance to make sure it's successfully deposited.

If it's the first time you deposit SCV(BEP-20) into wallet, you may need to add the token contract manually for your wallet.

SCV(BEP-20) contract address: 0x1ecec64957a7f83f90e77bd1b1816ab40df4f615

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