Step-by-Step Guide


To join SCV-BNB LP Staking farm, you need to obtain SCV-BNB Cake-LP on PancakeSwap first.

Visit the link below to open PancakeSwap

Type the desired number of SCV or BNB you prefer to add, and click the Add Liquidity button.

Once the process is finished, you will have SCV-BNB Cake-LP in your wallet.

If you couldn't find the LP tokens in your wallet, try add the contract address of SCV-BNB Cake-LP: 0x55024233576d4c2a38bf7a5673be1248d66ede9e


To join the SCV Staking farm, you need to obtain SCV tokens. The more SCV tokens you deposit, the more reward you will get.

First, follow the step here to connect you wallet.

Visit , click the Buy button after SCV's price.

You will be directed to PancakeSwap's Trade page, remember to check the domain in your address bar to make sure it's PancakeSwap might prompt a risk warning, click the OK button.

Now you can start purchase some SCV tokens and join the party!

If you already purchased SCV(ERC20) from hotbit, you need to access our bridge to exchange SCV(ERC20) to SCV(BEP20).

Be noticed there is a daily limit for the bridge to avoid serious price impact to our AMM pool.

Follow our guide here: SCV Bridge

Deposit into Staking Farm

Once you have got your SCV or SCV-BNB LP ready, you can visit to start earning. The easiest way is deposit all the SCV or SCV-BNB LP tokens into the Staking farm. To start, click the either Staking farm on the page.

The number at the right top of deposit inputbox shows how many SCV or SCV-BNB LP tokens you have in your wallet. Click the number or the 100% below the inputbox will automatically fill in the input with the max number of tokens you have.

If it's the first deposit, you need to click the Approve button to grant to access the token in your wallet, once your consent is confirmed, Deposit button will show.

Click the Deposit button to complete the deposit process. Number of deposited tokens/LPs and rewarded SCV & BNB (claimable) are shown on the left side of the farm page. It is recommended to visit this page regularly to claim your rewards.

The default APY for SCV farms may not be that high, you need to obtain a rare SCV NFT and forge it into the farm to boost the APY.

Deposit SCV NFT

There are two ways to obtain a high level SCV-Bot NFT, for detailed guide, follow the link below.

Once you get a high level SCV Bot NFT, go to the page of any SCV farm. On the right side is a drop-down menu which list all SCV Bot NFTs you have in your wallet. Choose the one you want to deposit into the farm, and click Forge button.

APY of the farm you deposited will get updated once the NFT gets in effect.

Withdraw from SCV farms

On the page of an SCV farm, click the withdraw on the right side of deposit, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click the withdraw button.

The NFT you deposit into the farm will be burned immediately. There is no way to get it back.

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