Boost Farm with SCV Bot NFT deploys strategies that combines traditional yield aggregator and NFT rarity control to provide various level of yields for each farmers while provide sustainable inner value for SCV Bot NFT level structure. That’s why we have 5 levels of SCV Bot NFT with unique designs and features that interacts with our staking farms.

Each one of SCV Bot NFTs could have a different boost feature, so you may want to search our marketplace to obtain the NFT with the exact feature you desire.

Deposit / Withdraw Fee Exemption

A basic one of SCV Bot NFT’s boost features is to free the fees of farms so when you deposit in or withdraw from SCV farm, no fee will be charged.

SCV Reward Weight Increase

In the SCV reward distribution strategy, different NFTs are give different weights, based on their levels.


Distribution Weight(10.00 in total)

Lv 1: Common


Lv 2: Uncommon


Lv 3: Rare


Lv 4: Rare


Lv 5: Legendary


For each SCV rewards emited per block, distribution is based on the numbers of each level's NFTs, multiplied by its weight, so it garantees that each Lv 5 NFT holders gets approximately 10x rewards than Lv 1 NFT holders.

SCV Bot NFT Burn

Once a SCV Bot NFT is used in one farm, it will be burned immediately while Boost effect will remain until:

  • Any deposit gets withdrawn.

  • Another NFT gets used in this farm.

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