SCV Bot NFT Catalog

Currently we released two set of SCV Bot NFT:

  • SCV.Finance Beta Invitation NFT

  • SCV.Finance X Collaboration NFT

And we are going to release a series of SCV Bot NFT at the public launch of Gatcha and SCV Farms.

Beta Invitation NFT

The first set of SCV Bot NFT, based on one same design, but each NFT has a unique number printed on the hand of the SCV Bot. Holders of this NFT could access all Pro features.

Contract address: 0x86232f68b5bF2a3A03851D98556352512a3b12B9

SCV.Finance X Collaboration NFT

We build unique NFTs for each protocol SCV.Finance supports, starting with AcryptoS. Those NFTs are only sold in limited time, and contains the same level property as Launch NFTs.

Contract address: 0xfe3eea9f826e56ca5702aad50659d801e4ea9320

SCV Bot NFT Level

SCV Bot NFT contains over a hundred design images and animations. Based on its rarity, there are 5 levels:

  • πŸ’Ž Lv 5: Legendary

    • They usually boost your farm APY by 10x, resulting in ultra high daily yield.

  • πŸ’Έ Lv 4: Epic

    • Epic NFTs could boost farm APY up to 5x.

  • 🌟 Lv 3: Rare

    • Rare NFTs are usually the most affordable NFTs that boosts your farm APY up to 3x.

  • 🍰 Lv 2: Uncommon

    • This level NFTs boost your APY up to 2x.

  • πŸ”° Lv 1: Common

    • The most basic NFTs forged with magical effects like lower or exempt the deposit/withdraw fee for SCV farms.

Becoming Creator of SCV Bot

Users who revealed an SCV Bot from the Blind Box will become the permanent Creator of the SCV Bot.

Creator can always claim a 5% share of profit from the farm that received the NFT. For more info, check Gatcha.

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