Gatcha(Initial NFT Offer) holds Gatcha as Initial NFT Offer from time to time.

The INO (Initial NFT Offering) offers several unique and cute SCV Bots. Besides offering the Pro access to's leading DeFi portfolio features, these NFTs can also boost the APY up to 10x in the upcoming SCV farms.

50% of the profit goes directly into the farms as the farming yield. The other 50% will go to SCV treasury for buying back SCV from the market and burn.

Every round of Gatcha includes a number of SCV Bots with five different classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Each class is minted with a still image, while the highest level comes with a short movie.

Gatcha Price

The price of each SCV Bot starts at low price and will go up with the NFT's sales number. For example, First 100 SCV Bots could be sold at 0.05 BNB, and the next 200 be sold at 0.07 BNB. The price goes up as a reflection of the increased scarcity.

Blind Box

To ensure a fair distribution, SCV Bots are sealed in Blind Boxes when sold. Users will not know which SCV Bot they got during the INO. The Fisher-Yates shuffle mechanism will be applied in the revealing box phase, which produces an unbiased permutation: every permutation is equally likely. Also, the implementation of Blind Boxes will prevent the minting of all unsold SCV bots.

All SCV Bots inside Blind Box can be revealed only after the distribution is ended and the shuffle mechanism finished. To reveal a Blind Box, you need to visit your SCV NFT Portfolio.

SCV Bot NFT Creator

Users who revealed an SCV Bot from the Blind Box will become the permanent Creator of the NFT. Users can gift these opened SCV bots to friends and let them enjoy the high APY too. When your friends claim their rewards from the farm, 5% of the reward will go back to its Creator.

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