How to Participate

How to earn in

There are two different ways to earn in

πŸ’Ž NFT Collector: SCV.Finance allows you to obtain rare NFTs through Gachapon or marketplace. Of course, there are some compaign events we launch with other protocols where we airdrop limited NFTs to eligible users. Rare NFTs usually have very powerful boost capability on SCV vaults therefore could be very hard to get.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ Yield Farmer: As a farmer, you can earn yield by staking SCV or LP into farms. To raise the APY, you need to obtain rare SCV NFTs by purchasing in marketplace or a Gachapon.

At launch, we will support two base assets β€” SCV and BNB β€” and integrate our farming with PancakeSwap.

The most simple way to maximize your yield is to deposit into SCV farm, and obtain a legendary level NFT to boost farm to an extremely high APY. However, you could also use NFT Gachapon where you have a chance to obtain a legendary level NFT with the least cost.

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