Road to the moon. Beta Launch [Succeeded]

  • Platform Fair Launch
    • Vault balance with realtime APY & IL calculation
    • Wallet balance
    • Portfolio Statistics
    • Vault Benchmarks for mostly used protocols
  • Support for main farms of Ethereum, BSC & Heco chains
    • Uniswap
    • SushiSwap
    • Compound
    • PancakeSwap
    • autofarm
    • PancakeBunny
    • Beefy
    • Venus
    • Cream
    • Mdex (Heco)
    • ACryptoS
    • Mdex (BSC)
    • Bakery
    • Goose
    • JetFuel Public Release

  • SCV Token Launch
    • SCV token launch & cross-chain bridge [Mid May]
    • SCV-WBNB Liquidity Pool on PancakeSwap [June 3rd, 03:00 UTC]
  • SCV Farms
    • SCV Staking Farm with BNB & SCV rewards [June 3rd, 03:00 UTC]
    • Exchange LP Staking Farm with SCV rewards [June 24th, 02:00 UTC]
  • SCV-Bot NFT
    • Community Mascot - SCV Robot Sticker
    • SCV series NFT with different levels
    • NFT APY Boost for Staking Pool rewards [Late May]
    • NFT Invitation Mechanism [Mid June]
  • NFT Gacha [Late May]
  • NFT Market Platform [Mid June]
  • More Pro features (eg. Advanced Analysis for Portfolio incl. charts and daily data) [Early June]
  • NFT Portfolio
  • Support more farms for BSC
    • ApeSwap
    • Goose Finance
    • Alpaca Finance
    • Belt Finance
    • Nerve
    • bVaults
    • coinwind

Future Plans I

  • Portfolio Advise based on vault benchmarks
  • Detail LPs analysis page for Pro
  • Auction for NFT Market
  • Complete Smart Contract Audits
  • Support more chains (Polygon, Solana, etc)

Future Plans II

  • NFT Staking pools
  • ERC-1155 NFT support in NFT Market
  • Create more advanced NFT boosted vault Contracts (eg. Time limited NFT ultra-boost)
  • Governance voting for farm support development priority

Future Plans III

  • Exchange (AMM +CEX) listings for better liquidity
  • Expand SCV token & NFT mechanisms
  • Expand services across protocols
  • Expand NFT Market categories
More suggestions and ideas on how to grow our platform will be discussed with our community members for further updates and changes to our roadmap!
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Future Plans I
Future Plans II
Future Plans III