How to Use

Connect Wallet

Click the right top Connect Wallet button to connect with your wallet. SCV.Finance currently supports 3 ways to connect

  • Metamask (Chrome Extension)

  • Binance Smart Chain (Chrome Extension)

  • Wallet Connect (For smart phone wallet apps)

If you are accessing within wallet app's dapp browser, tap Metamask to get connected.

Watch Wallet Address

Once you're connected, click the Portfolio on top of the page. Since you haven't add any address to watch, your wallet's address are filled in default so just click Add button to start watch your wallet and assets invested from the wallet.

You can always get back to this page to watch more addresses, by clicking on the Settings icon on the right side of Portfolio page.


Accounts tab is where you get a glance of the protocols you deposited assets into. For each protocol, Total Value, PnL (Profit or Loss) and Pending (tokens harvestable or claimable) are showed in the summary. Click on the cards bings you the details of every pool/farm/vaults of this protocol you've invested, including approximate trading fee earned by LP and impermanent loss due to price ratio change.


IL Alert

For each farm/vault, you can set up an alert which would be triggered if the inner symbol, eg X and Y, the price ratio changes a lot, caused a rapid IL increase. This is usually helpful when both X and Y is in a very high volatility.


Assets tab gives you a list of all the assets deposited in pool/farm/vaults, with PnL and APY calculated.


Charts tab shows a breakdown of your total assets into each asset symbols, protocols and chains.

Mobile App

SCV.Finance is fully optimized for mobile usage.

You could always use the Add to homescreen button from browser to pin SCV.Finance to your mobile phone's desktop. Then you could always access from the desktop icon, which loads much faster than normal web pages.

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